Ever feel like there's MORE pieces to the puzzle of MARRIAGE, BUSINESS or YOU?

Do you want to fully explore and realize your potential? You’re not alone. The amazing truth is that you absolutely can create an environment that cultivates the life you really want! We have this one life to live… so, HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SHOW UP?

We’ve walked with many wives & women through the journey towards her Relational, Professional & Personal Vision over the last 20 years. Book a FREE discovery session for insights and tips to start living by design not default.

Rebecca M

"Working with IAMwife Foundation I discovered I can surrender what I don’t have control over and decide where I DO have a choice "SHOW UP" as THE BEST version of myself... be the woman and wife God created me to be!

Want The Attention and Affection Play Book?

Show up in a way that inspires step-by-step guide to help you set the atmosphere to receive your hearts desire!


    We Will Walk With YOU

    We create a SAFE space for YOU to cast your vision for YOUR marriage, YOUR business & YOU. Let’s explore The Art of Mastering Your Position! 

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    Wife & Life Coach

    We stand with you as a certified relationship coach or team of coaches to support you as you transform your truest hearts desire into your relational, professional & personal vision. YOU ARE THE EXPERT OF ALL THINGS YOU!

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    Being & Balance

    We walk with you through the journey of  becoming THE version of YOU you’ve dreamed of as a wife, entrepreneur or corporate professional to design a strategy for your success. YOU CAN ACHIEVE BY DESIGN NOT DEFAULT!

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    Mentor & Motivator

    We partner you with a certified personal MISSION MENTOR & MOTIVATOR; a personal assistant to navigate the process strategically with GRACE, DIGNITY & RESPECT.  YOUR PACE! YOUR RACE! YOUR RESULTS!


    This is What WE DO

    Our Coaching is for YOU if YOU want to:

    Relational, Professional & Personal Vision:
    • Get clear on what you want and how to get it.
    • Tackle what’s keeping you stuck and move you forward.
    • Relinquish fear to become faith focused and action-oriented.
    • Become soulfully productive.
    • Feel calmer, happier and in control.
    • Master the mindset, skills and strategies you need to succeed.
    • Get out of your head and into the world.
    • Swap beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve you for ones that do.
    • Develop a BECOMING mindset and habits that serve you.
    • Learn easy and sustainable coaching tools that’ll help you lead yourself.
    • Be supported and assisted along your journey to a better life!

    Our purpose, our life’s work:

    We are here to help you know AND go for what you really want… and of course, to help you MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    We also help you regain  control of your life, move past yourself, become soulfully productive, build confidence and clarity, and as a result live a rewarding and enjoyable life.

    We only have this one life to live; there’s no make-over. That’s why we are  so committed to helping our clients step into the best version of themselves. 


    June 2022

    Frisco, TX Coaching


    June 2022

    Frisco, TX Coaching


    June 2022

    Tampa, FL Speaking

    More upcoming events

    We will be in Louisiana, Georgia and several other states this year… Hope to see you there!

    Happy clients

    After our sessions, I always knew I could choose faith over fear and felt empowered. I gained so much faith in myself, strength of focus, and hope for the future. I started to see my vision of my fun and playful relationship coming true. I would recommend private coaching to any women that is looking for peace, intimacy, happiness and
    connection in her marriage.
    Martha F/Coach

    I just had to reach out and let you know how much I fell in love with you all over again listening to your power on the podcast today. ❤️ “I will be her with you or without you, but I want to be her with you.” That was so powerful and so amazing! What a statement of honor and desire! 

    Mary J/Coach
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