What's NEXT

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” -Amelia Earhart

What's NEXT

We embraced the call to create environments that support Wives & Women who have a heart to be a wife; In the Marketplace as business owners, corporate professionals and individuals!


October, 2023

Coaches Coaching Coaches

IAMwife Foundation will be hosting “The Walk of a Woman” a gathering of EMPOWERED Women that are leaders and influencers in the marketplace, in their communities and in their homes. Theses ladies are change agents and we are honored to be seated at the table. Join us! 


November, 2023

A Bunch of Beauties in Business

IAMwife Foundation will be hosting A Bunch of Beauties in Business at the exclusive locations in Frisco, TX. We will create a safe space for our guest to relate one to the other on a woman level Relationally, Professionally & Personally with opportunities to team up and network!


December, 2023

Widows, Warriors and Wives Brunch

A gathering of women from different walks of life; woman in the marketplace as business owners, corporate professionals, mothers and individuals. Let’s take a seat at the table and CONNECT!